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The Robertsonís Golly Guide [2nd Edition] on CD-ROM by Colin Dodds.

Available December 2006 continuing throughout 2008

The Robertsons Golly Guide by Colin Dodds Four years of further research have added hundreds of items to the listings. There are now over 4200 colour illustrations. Many sections have been expanded to make this the most comprehensive guide yet for anything to do with the Robertsonís Golly. All the badges are covered in great detail, including new badges and new back stamp pictures. China, figurines, toys, tokens, prototypes and other promotional products are all covered in depth. The very rare prototypes that sometimes come up on ebay are also included, so youíll know when they are genuine. It also incorporates Checklist 5 with fully detailed tables. As before, this software is sold with a single user licence and will run on any modern PC with Windows.

Application Details
Colin Dodds
10 Woodcroft
System requirements
The Robertsons Golly Guide will run on any modern PC Win 95 or later and Internet Explorer. (Internet access is NOT required.)
I own a copy of the original and new CD. Don't be deceived by the fact that the look and feel is consistent with the original CD - a lot of extras are included. I made straight for the sections I knew information had been gathered since the last CD and the information is there with even more detail than I could have hoped for. I am one collector who knows about a few areas that have evolved...think how many other collectors have helped gather information that I can now share. If you love collecting Robertson's badges or other memorabilia this CD-ROM is essential. Nowhere else can you find this amount of information on the subject let alone with photographs some of which highlight the minutest detail you should be looking for. The CD-ROM is excellent value for money, and the half-price upgrade deal means even those on a low budget can enjoy this latest update.


  • The Folly of the GollyThe Folly of the Golly by Jerry Loader

    Launched October 2005.

    Jerry Loader needs no introduction to most. In 2000 he exhibited a part of his comprehensive Robertson's Golly memorabilia collection at Paisley Museum, issued a Robertson's approved Golly badge to commemorate the event, is found at Quorn Swapmeet each year (almost) without fail and of course, has the largest collection of Golly memorabilia known. Many of us have known that he has aimed to bring out a book with the most comprehensive, accurate, concise account of the badges and history that he possibly can. I have read and reviewed it.


    The clubs listed below will provide more brooch information and a source of second hand sales. If you do subscribe to any of them, please mention that you got the address from my web site

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