Golly Corner: G-OLLI 2004 Balloon Inflation Step by step


Transport for the the basket & balloon

The envelope unfolded
The envelope was then unfolded, and cold air was blown into the envelope to start inlfating it.
Golly starts to come to life

The rope attached to the ripping panel on Golly's head
Liquid Propane Gas kept under pressure in aluminium tanks, is ignited and this emits a flame some 6 foot in length, which is used to heat the air in the envelope. This gives Golly his lift.
The envelope as it is first laid out
After the balloon and basket were unloaded from the trailer and vehicle, the envelope was laid out. The envelope is made from rip-stop polyurethane-coated nylon fabric.
Starting to inflate with cold air

The inflation continues

6 foot flames heat the air in the envelope
The ripping panel starts to come undone and needs to be refastened Ripping panel refastened The burners resume their work
The initial attempt was unsuccesful because the cicular ripping panel inside Golly's head, which was intended to aid complete deflation on landing, became undone and the hot air merely escaped. After re-fastening this panel the inflation was restarted.
A close encounter with terra firma
After a few seemingly painful twists and turns....
Animated Golly Fully Inflated
The balloon was compeletely inflated and remained so for a brief time.
The deflation starts Air is expelled by hand ready for the envelope to be repacked
The balloon was then allowed to deflate and the air expelled to allow repacking.
The final scene
More photos of the inflation are available.

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Golly Corner: G-OLLI 2004 Balloon Inflation Step by Step / revised August 2004
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